Thursday, November 30, 2023

Links to Grant Resources

OOG has compiled the following links to assist your organization in locating federal, state, regional, and local resources. Prior to beginning your application, you may find it useful to review one or more of these sites. Click on a link to go to the home page or a file for more information regarding the topic.

BJA: Prohibited and Controlled Equipment
DIR: Cybersecurity Training Certification
DOJ: Department of Justice - Grants Financial Guide
FEDS: Apply for Federal Funding Opportunities
FEDS: Electronic Code of Federal Regulations - 2 CFR 200
FEDS: Federal Audit Clearinghouse Internet Data Entry System (FACIDES)
FEDS: Grant Fraud Prevention
FEDS: Reporting Fraud-Waste-Abuse-or-Retaliation
FEDS: System of Award Management (SAM)
FEMA: Grant Programs Directorate Information Bulletins
FEMA: Hazardous Materials Incidents Guidance
FEMA: National Preparedness Goal
FEMA: Office of Policy & Program Analysis
FEMA: Preparedness Grant Manual
FEMA: Resource Typing Library Tool (RTLT)
FMX: State Comptroller's Controlled Assets List
FMX: State Travel Guidelines
NCSR: Nationwide Cybersecurity Review
NDCI: National Drug Court Institute
OJJDP: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
OJP: Civil Rights Overview
OJP: Defining Drug Courts - The Key Components
OVC: Office for Victims of Crime
OVW: Office on Violence Against Women
SAR: Subgrant Award Report
TAC: Texas Administrative Code - Public Safety Office
TJJD: Texas Juvenile Justice Department
TxCS: Texas Crime Stoppers Program
TxCTS: Register a Specialty Court
TxCTS: Texas Gov't Code - Specialty Courts
TxDEM: Training Review
TxDIR: Statewide Cybersecurity Awareness Training
TxDPS: Texas NIBRS and TIBRS Guidelines
TxGMS: Texas Grant Management Standards
TxSAO: Reporting Fraud to State Auditor's Office
UGMS: The Uniform Grant Management Standards