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Music Educational and Community Programs
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The Texas Music Office (TMO), is a division within the Office of the Governor's Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office. The TMO promotes the development of the music industry in the state by informing members of that industry and the public about the resources available in the state for music production. The TMO serves as an information clearinghouse for the Texas music industry and assists more than 15,000 patrons each year. 

The TMO administers the Music Educational and Community Programs project. The TMO is accepting applications for grant projects in the 2024 Fiscal Year that will benefit music-related education and community programs sponsored by a nonprofit organization based in Texas.

Available Funding:

Funding for the TMO grants comes from funds collected from the sale of the Texas Music specialty license plates and donations, pursuant to the Texas Education Code, Section 7.027.

  • All awards are subject to the availability of appropriated state funds and any modifications or additional requirements that may be imposed by law.
  • Applicants are limited to two grants per each state fiscal year.
Eligible Organizations:

Only 501(c)(3) nonprofits based in Texas may apply. The eligibility criteria for the nonprofit, includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Be a nonprofit organized and based in Texas;
  • Be in good standing with the State of Texas; and
  • Owe no delinquent taxes to a taxing unit of Texas.
Application Process:

Applicants will respond to this funding announcement by creating an application in eGrants and then completing the application and uploading various required documents.

TMO grant applications must be submitted by an eligible nonprofit.

  • Applicants must have or register for an account in eGrants at
  • Applicants will be required to enter their 9-digit State Payee Identification Number (Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Vendor ID) to begin an application.
  • Applicants will be required to enter basic organizational information on the Profile. Details Tab in eGrants, including contact information for four grant officials.
  • Applicants are required to provide additional information for the application than what is outlined within this funding announcement.

If additional help is needed registering for accounts in eGrants, contact the eGrants help desk at

Key Dates:
Funding Announcement Release
Online System Opening Date
Final Date to Submit and Certify an Application
08/31/2024 at 5:00PM CST
Earliest Project Start Date
Project Period:

The grant term will commence as soon as practicable and shall end no later than August 31, 2024. Grant-funded projects may not exceed a 12-month grant period.

Funding Levels

The funding limits are: 

Minimum Award – $1,500

Maximum Award – $3,000

Grant awards for a larger amount may be considered, within the sole discretion of the TMO, based upon available funding and proposals.

Eligible Activities and Costs

Grant funds will be paid on a cost-reimbursement basis only.

  • Before funds can be disbursed, the grantee must acknowledge that “This project has been made possible (in whole or in part) by a grant from the Texas Music Office, Office of the Governor," and include the Texas Music Office logo on all materials publicizing or promoting award activities.
  • If eligible, the musical act is encouraged to register in the Texas Talent Register prior to funds being disbursed.
Program-Specific Requirements
  • Grantees will be required to submit financial status reports and progress reports via eGrants.
  • No grant funds will be disbursed until after the grantee submits the supporting documentation for a music performance or presentation. The event must have occurred. For music instruments or lessons, the delivery must have occurred.
  • Grantee must submit receipts evidencing full payment.
Eligibility Requirements

The TMO grants are available to benefit music-related educational and community programs sponsored by nonprofit organizations based in Texas.

If grant funds are awarded for a Music Performance or Presentation, all the following must be met:

  • The grant funds must be used by the grantee to present or support a 90-minute or longer performance or presentation that is free and open to attendance by all ages.
  • For a music performance, at least one musical act must be a Texas musical act. To qualify as a Texas musical act, 80% of the members of the musical act must reside in Texas.
  • Applications should be submitted 90 days before the event.

If grant funds are awarded for Music Instruments or Lessons, the following must be met:

  • Music lessons must be given by a Texas private music instructor or professional musician.
  • Music instruments must be purchased from a Texas retailer.
  • Bids must be obtained to purchase music lessons or music instruments.
  • Applications may be submitted at any time.

Grant funds may not be used to support the following services, activities, and costs:

  • Food and beverages (including alcohol)
  • Gifts, promotional items and memorabilia, including models, gifts and souvenirs
  • International travel
  • Fundraising
  • Lobbying
  • Supplanting
  • Outreach and promotional materials that solely promote an organization
Selection Process

Funding Decisions

Applications will be reviewed for eligibility, completeness, and how well the project description accomplishes the grant purposes.

Preference will be given to an applicant who demonstrates a cost effective program focused on a comprehensive and effective approach to providing music lessons, instruments, a performance or presentation. Preference will be given to an applicant that has not already received a grant award within the same state fiscal year.

The OOG makes the final decision whether to award a grant. The OOG reserves the right to refuse any grant for any reason. All grant decisions rest completely within the discretionary authority of the OOG. The decisions made by the OOG are final and are not subject to appeal.

Grant Acceptance

The TMO will notify the applicant of the award decision. If selected, TMO will issue a grant award notice. 

The award notice will provide all of the conditions and requirements of the grant. Release of final grant award is contingent on the TMO’s receipt of the applicant's acceptance of the grant award.

Contact Information

If additional information is needed concerning the grant program, contact the Texas Music Office at

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